Book Of Shadows

Book Of Shadows

A book of shadows, or a grimoire (depending on who you ask), is a deeply personal journal detailing your practice. Every BOS will be different, depending on what you are called to in your craft. Whether you have a physical journal to write everything in, or a computer, it works the same. Choose what feels right to you, and get started!girl with book

But how do I get started?

Making your BOS might feel daunting at first, but don't get intimidated. There is no right or wrong way to make your BOS. If you've tried spells that have worked well for you, write them in your BOS. Draw a few illustrations, or use images from magazines to add to it. Make your journal something that excites you, that makes you want to add more to it.

In my book of shadows, I have a section on Herbalism because that i what I feel most drawn to. These pages depict different herbs that I've come across in my practice, and ones that I have interest in using in the future.

hand holding bundle of fresh herbs

I also list relevant correspondences like is the plants energy feminine or masculine? What planet, astrological sign, element are they related to? Is there a particular deity that prefers this plant when working with them?

This all helps me in my practice, and I can easily look back on the information for future reference.

If this doesn't resonate with you, that's totally ok! Like I said above, your BOS is for you. It is the cumulative of information you've gathered during your personal craft/practice.

If you've made your own spells or have used any you enjoyed, write them in your book of shadows.

Don't forget that your BOS is considered sacred. After getting started with one and putting your energy into it, it starts to gain an energy of its own. Treat it as you would any other sacred tool of your practice. You can cleanse your BOS with a smoke cleansing, sound cleansing, or any other method you prefer.

old book with gold trim corners

 In future BOS blog posts I'll list some of my personal pages for you. I have my book of shadows digitally, because it helps to keep me inspired and organized. However you want to start yours, whether it be digital or in a physical notebook, just get started! Once you have something in there, you'll feel great!


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