Creating a Personalized Self Care Ritual

Creating a Personalized Self Care Ritual

What do you consider self care? Do you take time each day to practice self care?

Taking a little time out of your day to add self care to your daily routine helps support your physical and mental well being. Self care can be as simple as eating a healthy meal, or exercising for an hour. You could take 10 minutes and meditate or even just shower, and get dressed for the day.

Making self care into a daily ritual involves creating a routine that promotes your greatest health needs. Your self care rituals don't need to be spiritual by nature, but they do need to have a positive impact on your overall well-being. You can have a daily routine, and you can also have a routine that you do weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on. The self care activities you incorporate into your routine should help you feel closer to yourself or to your "vision" - the things you want to be, do, have, and feel.

Self care is incredibly personal, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The easiest way to incorporate it into your day is by splitting it into different segments of your day. If you feel more productive at the start of your day, take some time in the morning to do some self care. You could read a book, make your bed, or even just take some 'you' time and drink your favorite morning beverage. If you find you have more time in the afternoon, take a few minutes to decompress. Clear your mind, and meditate for a few minutes while on your lunch break. Do a few different stretches or yoga poses if that is something that is appealing to you.

Or, if you are a night owl, like myself, start yourself a nice hot bath or shower. Water has amazing restorative abilities that help promote a better well being. You can incorporate your favorite scents with essential oils, candles, incense, or bubble bath. You can relax, and put on your favorite podcast or music. Your personal self care routine will be completely unique to you, and that's OK! The things that promote your overall well being might not be the same for your friends or partner, and vice versa. Do what makes you healthier and things that you enjoy doing.

Intention is a critical element to any ritual or routine. Writing out your intentions helps you manifest them into your reality. Making a gratitude journal is useful with this, and also assists you into getting into the right mind frame for your day.

Any way you choose to do self care, just make sure you are doing things feel right to you. Your intentions will take care of the rest!

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